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The situation today, and why should we change it

With the help of volunteers, we have sorted the names of the streets in dozens of local authorities in Israel, in terms of gender.

Each circle in the following diagram represents a local authority:

In green - streets named after men (or groups of men) ,

In orange - streets named after women,

In gray - streets with gender-neutral names (trees, animals, etc.).


The data in the chart was collected by volunteers, based on Population Authority publications, local authority websites and related sites. There may be small mistakes in the data and our apology in those cases.

The current situation in most authorities sends a clear message that women (in the world and in Israel) are less important than men, less worthy of appreciation than men, and therefore less worthy of commemoration than men.

This message is problematic in two essential respects:

A. In itself it constitutes injustice and social unfairness.

B. It is subconsciously internalized and perpetuates itself in the form of attitudes of men and women, girls and boys.

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