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The gloomy situation and conscious and intentional discrimination in Tel Aviv-Yafo

In Tel Aviv-Yafo, there are approximately 2,760 streets, of which:

About 1,240 streets are named after men (or male groups).
About 70 streets are named after women (or female groups).
About 1,440 streets have neutral gender names (including around 460 streets with numerical names).


  1. This data indicates a significant bias in favor of men over women in the public space, with a ratio of approximately 19 to 1. This disparity is considerably higher than the national average.

  2. The municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo also shows a preference for numbers over women in the public space, with a ratio of about 7 to 1.

  3. Furthermore, the municipality prefers to commemorate plants, streams, metals, characteristics, etc., over women, with a ratio of approximately 6 to 1.

  4. Moreover, the municipality highlights historical sites in the country and around the world about 4 times more than it acknowledges women's contributions.

Data collection was done by volunteers based on information from the Population Authority's publications. Minor errors may exist in the data, and the municipality apologizes for any inaccuracies.

As of June 2021, this information was presented multiple times to the city council members and officials with various roles in the municipality, along with a proposal to replace a significant number of neutral-gender street names with women's names to achieve gender equality.

However, the majority of city council members did not respond, two provided mild support verbally, and two council members, Moria Shlomot and Shula Keshet, actively added this issue to their public activities.

From officials and city council members, I received a mix of silence, indifference, and rejection of the request. I do not hold them solely responsible for the policy decisions, and I can understand the frustration and constraints they face within the patriarchal system.

On December 27, 2021, initiated by council members Moria Shlomot and Shula Keshet, a decision was made in the city council to promote the idea of changing neutral-gender street names to women's names. However, since then, no actions have been taken to implement this decision, and the municipality has returned to silence on the matter. Although some streets were named after women, the vast gap of 1,150 streets remains.

On August 8, 2022, during a council meeting, council members Shula Keshet and Moria Shlomot reminded the council of the decision from December 2021 and the lack of progress on the issue but received no response.

City council members and officials are already aware of the gloomy situation regarding the discrimination against women in the public space and the fact that the only way to bridge this gap is by replacing neutral-gender street names with women's names. Therefore, the ongoing conscious and intentional discrimination against women is evident.

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